Wholesale Custom size scatola regalo cardboard rigid hardbox magnetbox matt magnet box packaging luxury folding gift box with magnetic lid


Industrial Use: Skincare, Skin Care
Paper Type: Paperboard+Coated Paper
Printing Handling: Embossing, Glossy Lamination, Stamping, UV Coating, Varnishing, VANISHING, Gold Foil, Matt Lamination
Feature: Recycled Materials
Box Type: Folders
Color: Various color is available

MOQ : 500pcs

magnetic gift box


 Custom Folding Magnetic Gift Boxes | Premium Packaging Solutions

Folding magnetic gift boxes with handles, embodying a commitment to environmental and quality standards with ISO 9001 and FSC certifications.


When seeking the perfect gift packaging, choosing one that not only protects the contents but also reflects quality and environmental consciousness is crucial. Our folding magnetic gift boxes stand out in the market with their unique design and exceptional quality.

[Eco-Certifications, Quality Assurance]

We proudly hold ISO 9001 and FSC certifications, representing our commitment to product quality and environmental responsibility. The ISO 9001 certification ensures our production processes meet international standards, while FSC certification guarantees our materials come from sustainably managed forests.

[Innovative Design, Portable Handle]

Our folding magnetic gift boxes feature an innovative, portable handle design, enhancing the box’s practicality and adding an elegant touch. Whether for business gifts or personal presents, they showcase the giver’s refined taste.

[Eco-Friendly Materials, Safe and Harmless]

All our gift boxes are crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring they are safe and harmless, providing peace of mind during the gifting process. Our commitment to the environment also reflects our dedication to the health of you and your clients.

[Easy Storage, Space-Saving]

Our boxes boast a unique folding structure, making them easy to store and transport, saving space and reducing logistics costs, contributing to environmental conservation.

[Personalized Customization, Highlighting Brand Identity]

We offer comprehensive customization services, from size, color, to patterns, and even the material and style of the handle, all tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to make your gifts stand out among the rest.


Exquisite Craftsmanship, Exceptional Quality]

Each folding magnetic gift box undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, from material selection to printing and final assembly. Every step is strictly controlled to ensure each box meets our exceptional quality standards.

[Brand Display, Enhancing Image]

Our folding magnetic gift boxes are the perfect platform for brand display. Whether it’s foil stamping, silk screening, or heat transfer, we can perfectly showcase your brand logo and information on the box, enhancing brand image.

[Customer Reviews, Reputation Assurance]

Over the years, our products have garnered numerous positive reviews and trust from our clients. Our customer-centric service philosophy ensures that every client receives satisfactory products and services.

Choose our folding magnetic gift boxes for a more professional and personalized gift packaging. We believe that good packaging can make your gift more perfect and more touching.

Contact us now for a customized quote and let our professional team create an exclusive folding magnetic gift box packaging solution for your gifts. Together, let’s make your gifts extra special.

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