Wholesale Custom Printed Brand Logo Design Promotion Luxury Clothing Retail Gift Shopping Black Jewellery Paper Bag With Handle

Use: Candle, Photo Frame, Stickers, craft, Other Gift & Craft, Shoe packaging paper bag
Paper Type: Art Paper
Sealing & Handle: Hand Length Handle
Material: shopping paper bags
reinforcement:350gsm cardboard

MOQ : 500pcs

printting: 4 color printing,solid color printing,spot color printing
Type: Made from 100% recycled paper

Eco-Friendly Black Paper Bags | Custom Foil Stamped LOGO | FSC Certified Sustainable Packaging

Choose our FSC certified black paper bags to craft a premium image for your brand.

In the realm of high-end retail and gift packaging, black paper bags stand out for their classic look and elegant charm. Our factory, equipped with advanced production technology and strict quality control, offers you black paper bags with a foil-stamped LOGO that not only highlights brand personality but also conveys an eco-friendly philosophy.

[Strength in Manufacturing, Expert Craftsmanship]
Our factory boasts state-of-the-art production equipment and a team of experienced technicians, focusing on every detail of the paper bag. From design, material selection to production, we ensure that every step meets the highest standards, providing your brand with the most packaging solutions.

[FSC Certification, Commitment to the Environment]
Holding FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, we commit to using sustainably sourced paper, supporting environmental protection and social responsibility. Choosing our black paper bags, you are not only choosing a packaging method but also showing care for the planet.

[Foil Stamping Process, Luxurious Touch]
The foil stamping process endows the black paper bag with a unique luster and texture, making the LOGO more eye-catching and high-end. Our foil stamping technique is precise and durable, ensuring that the LOGO remains radiant over the long term.

[Customization Services, Showcasing Brand Personality]
We offer personalized customization services, whether it’s LOGO design, size adjustments, or special material selection, we can meet your needs. Let each black paper bag become a storyteller of your brand story.

[Quality Assurance, Trusted by Customers]
Our quality management system strictly follows ISO standards, ensuring that each paper bag undergoes rigorous quality inspection. Our products have won the trust and praise of customers worldwide.

[Innovative Design, Trendsetting]
Our design team is constantly exploring and innovating, keeping up with international design trends, providing your brand with the most creative and attractive packaging designs.

[Attention to Detail, Perfect Presentation]
We pay attention to every detail, from the feel and thickness of the paper bag to the precision of the foil stamping, striving for perfection to ensure that your brand image is presented at its best.

Choosing our black paper bags allows your brand to find the perfect balance between eco-friendliness and luxury. We look forward to working with you to create an unforgettable brand experience.

Contact us now for a customized quote and let our professional team create an exclusive black paper bag packaging solution for your brand. Together, let’s make your brand stand out in the market.

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